Interactive Camera

The Deluxe Alarms Smart Home Interactive Camera are available in both indoor and outdoor models. They are easy to configure and give you the flexibility to control what you see and when you would like to view the live feed.

The Interactive Cameras are available for viewing using your password protected smart phone, PC or MAC, website gateway, or touch pad. You are available to view live feeds at any time and set up event triggers which can automatically send notifications.

Take 30-second video or snapshots which can be stored on the server for up to 30 days for easy access and download. During an event trigger the 30-second video consist of:

• 10 Seconds before the event
• 20 Seconds after the event

This allows for better evaluation and documentation of the event. The Interactive Camera comes with suburb video quality which allows you to switch between black and white camera for better night vision with LEd and colour camera for daytime use.

The PIR motion detector will reduce false triggers.